october 11th: are you a lover or a fighter?


my husband often refers to me as having the “momma bear” syndrome. i admit it that i am fiercely protective of a small circle of family and friends. and by fiercely protective i mean just that. i will not hesitate to get ugly. i am also a “fighter” when it comes to social justice and human right issues. it doesn’t take much to get my blood pumping these days with all the hate being spewed from different directions.

i am not sure if this is a good thing or not. but i do know that is powerful to get that feeling of adrenaline when something you care about is being attacked. whether it be personal or something on the television. it makes me feel alive. and honestly, i think it is better to care deeply and react about something, anything, than to not care at all. see, i even get angry about apathy!

but i don’t like to always have my arms up ready to go. so i think i am also a lover. i like things simple. quiet. easy. i don’t like to have my feathers ruffled all the time. that would be exhausting!

so where do you fall? lover or fighter?