october 6: what is your phobia/fear?

coulrophobia. an abnormal or exaggerated fear of clowns. don’t even laugh. it is a real fear. i have a hypothesis. as a baby my nursery was decorated in … you guessed it … clowns. there was this one painting of a man with clown make up, a straw pipe, and a hat with a flower. why am i sharing this? well, the mother of a family i used to nanny for also has a fear of clowns. one day we were talking and found out we had the same disturbing clown man painting in our bedrooms growing up. I KNOW! spooky. then years later i met a guy at my running group and we started talking about our common fear of clowns. then he described the SAME painting.

seriously. something was going on with that painting.

i also fear the unknown. i am working on this one. i saw this on my friends blog and it just fit.

click image for source.

trying to actually live each day and not fearing what is around the corner. or even more scary, what isn’t. i am doing a lot better than before. embracing each moment for what it is. not what i wanted it to be. or expected it to be. just letting it be. sounds simple but it is a conscious decision.

so what is your fear?

Carolina Belle
Carolina Belle

clowns are so freaking creepy.i'm so glad you're blogging along with me. i'm taking it slow for today with some family drama but i love that you're doing the challenge too. yay!love you!