renewing our hearts

we couldn’t help but stop by valle crucis on our way home on sunday. it has been three LONG years since we have been up to our church where we got married in 2006. we couldn’t believe it has been so long. time sure does fly. it was nice to spend an hour just sitting with each other and soaking in this special moment.

driving up you can see the church popping out of the mountains. it brought tears to our eyes. we just love it up here.

words can’t express the feeling when we are here. it is greater us.

inside. they have had to add support, notice the black poles. apparently it was falling apart from the outside.

we had our vows with us. it is kind of a long story. so here you go. i am changing up the pictures and frames from our mantle. we had a picture frame with a photograph from our wedding and our vows. the photograph melted to the glass and the vows were fading onto the frame. so i asked dylan to throw it away next time he went to the dump. well, he protested saying he didn’t want to throw it away. so it stayed in the car. for the last two or more weeks. when we were sitting in the church i remembered our vows being inside the car. i ran to grab them and voila. we stood where we stood four years ago and spoke our vows to each other.

it was powerful. beautiful. simple. profound. probably because of the heartbreaking, difficult summer that we have had but it was all so emotional. we both wept standing there together. just the two of us. i feel more connected to my husband now, more than ever and i attribute to all we have been through. together.

the vows from our wedding that we shared again this weekend are:
i give to you my promise that from this day forward you shall not walk alone. may my heart be your shelter. and my arms be your home. my God bless you always. may we walk together through all things. may you feel deeply love, for indeed you are. may you always see your innocence in my eyes. with this ring i give you my heart. i have no greater gift to give. i choose you as my wife today and invite you share my life.

soaking in the moment. feeling everything. it was beautiful.

then, of course, we headed straight to our favorite restaurant.