to the post office i go …

i have to say after a year of my etsy shop being open i still get an adrenaline rush every time i head to the post office with a package of my goods. it is so exciting.

from start to finish. each order is exciting. still. after a year. from the email that i have an email from etsy to the email which confirms payment. i think the payment is the husbands favorite part of this venture. hehe!

each order is different. like these pillows. i pulled the fabric options for the buyer based on some personality traits she shared. she chose the thread colors and the final fabrics.

for example. this one was for a woman she described as “tuscan-ish.” technically not a word. but i immediately pulled warm neutrals. she loved the cranberry red thread.

so to the post office i go. these babies are heading to california for some special retired teachers.

and to all of you that have ordered something from my shop this past year. thank you. from the bottom of my heart.