weekly menu

i have gotten out of the routine of my weekly menu and grocery game. but i am slowly getting back to my old norms. well, i feel like i have completely changed this summer and am realizing that getting back to normal is a myth. i am trying to find a new, productive normal. and that is going to include grocery gaming and weekly menus.

we are priming and painting today. our plan is to prime another coat and then go grab a late lunch/early dinner out at the brewery. basically we need to go to lowes before we start painting with our color so we combined the errand with dinner. we do that a lot. not sure it is a good thing.

state fair! the husband and i are off to the state fair for the day. lots of terrible food will be eaten and lots of people watching to be done. we love it. everything about it. and to top of our monday we are coming home via durham to see my good friend melissa. she is about to pop with her second baby any day and we are super thrilled to see her, hopefully before she does.


our wood stove is going to be delivered and installed today! lunch will be something easy, sandwiches. dinner will be brown rice spaghetti, meat(less) meatballs, and homemade tomato sauce.

lunch: yogurt, turkey wrap, carrots and hummus
dinner: creamless creamy homemade tomato soup in homemade bread bowls.

lunch: smoothie, leftover tomato soup.
dinner: whole grain, oatmeal pancakes.

lunch: wrap, leftover tomato soup.
dinner: corn chorizo pizza. this is super good. i make my homemade dough with whole grains in an effort to make pizza not absolutely terrible for us!

lunch: out! hopefully my husband will treat me to indian. i am obsessed. we found an indian restaurant that serves gluten free naan. i am completely in love.
dinner: breakfast for dinner! peppers from our garden omelet, bacon, and biscuits.

celebrating my dads birthday with family over at my house! what to make, oh what to make.

i am currently waiting for the first coat of primer to dry. yep, it looks like it is time for round 2.