welcome october!

i am currently posting videos and photos (the videos take f.o.r.e.v.e.r.) and will recap my amazing weekend later today or tomorrow. a preview: i love my cousin jeremy. he is quite simply a best friend and i am so lucky to have him in my life.

a friend of mine, dallas has a beautiful and honest blog that i love reading. it is like a present every time i see her name pop up in my reader. she posted a 30-day challenge and i loved the idea. so i am going to join her for the month of october.

i am a bit behind but here we go.

october 1st: what do you regret the most?
i don’t regret many things. as corny as it sounds, the good and especially the bad have all put me at this point in my life and i am really happy with where i am and more importantly who i am. that being said, i do have a profound regret. i wish i had valued myself and my health more than i obviously did. i have struggled with my weight my entire life but never took the time to really figure out why. i feel that the lack of self awareness then has led me to have the struggles with fertility, health, and general happiness that i so desire now. i wish my almost 30 year old self could tell my 16 year old self how hard it would be to lose the weight. how hard it would be to feel good about yourself when you giggle all over. how hard it would be to run a mile. to go shopping. to anything.

good thing is. when you know better, you do better. (my bff oprah says that all the time!) and well i am doing better. i can’t go back and give that 16 year old girl a package of carrots but i can snack on carrots while blogging right now. (crunch!) so that is my biggest regret. what is yours?

october 2nd: who/what can’t you live without?
easy. for the “who,” my husband. again, i don’t know why i am so damn corny. but he is my absolute best friend. i actually really, really like the guy. after almost 10 years he can make me laugh without trying. he knows how to push my buttons like no other. he also knows how to comfort me. what more could a girl ask for? oh, yeah, he is a really good kisser. and his hugs. i could live in his arms.

now for the “what,” well, moist wipes. go ahead. laugh. but lets get real. moist wipes are like a little shower for your tush every time you use the loo. i enjoy them. people laugh because, yes, i confess my love in public.

so yeah, my husband and moist wipes. what about you?

october 3rd: if you could wish for anything that would come true, what would you wish for?
i am sure my readers could answer this question for me. i would wish that glenn beck would have an epiphany and admit that he knowingly spouts the most ridiculous crap in an attempt to (a) see how many people don’t fact check what they “believe” and (b) higher ratings.

not what you thought i was going to say? hmmm … well yes, in all seriousness, i would wish to have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby more than anything.

october 4th: what is true love?
true love is selfless. true love is honest. true love sucks sometimes. true love is looking back when you and your love are 100 years old and smiling. thats it. it is simply having more good days than bad. never forgetting to tell the other person why you love them. why you are grateful for their existence. any why this world is a better place because they are in it.