what a whirlwind of a weekend! so much was accomplished. changes were made. and we are still in one piece. my husband is definitely looking forward to going back to “work” tomorrow.

this weekend we noticed big changes in our martha stewart. she is slowly losing the “goof ball” “timid” puppy stage and growing into her “protector” stage. it is a good thing. but mama is a bit sad. i kinda liked her running to me at the slightest noise or if another person comes over. even daddy in a hat had her running to me. this weekend we heard it. a big. a loud. deep. bark! she was barking at one of our neighbors walking.

this is very new for our little pup. today we are having our wood stove installed and yep. she barked. and barked. and barked until we brought her inside to see the guys and then put her back outside. yes. not only has she gotten huge but now she is actually growing up. tear.

this was our before. after the carpet had been ripped up and before new flooring put down. this was the task for saturday. done.

our work was carefully supervised. it is all in the details isn’t it martha stewart.

time change. night has fallen. flooring almost complete.

good morning sunday! goodbye sage green walls. hello primer. two coats thank you.

not sure if this is the first or the second coat of color. the color is wicker from valspar signature series. we can not say enough amazing things about this paint. we love love love it. and definitely think it is worth the extra pocket change.

notice the painters tape. i am right handed. there are a lot of freakin’ windows in this room! i have become really good (if my ocd lovin’ self doesn’t mind tooting my own horn!) at painting straight edges without having to use painters tape. this is my fourth room painting so i would hope there would be some improvement. but alas i am only good on the right hand side of door and window frames. so there you go. painters tape on the left hand of all the windows and door frames.

monday night after the fair we painting the second coat of color. finished the edging. painted the baseboards. done. whew!

we were all worn out!

this morning with the sunlight coming in.

and now our stove. the guys are working on the chimney now. see the hole in the corner? the stove and huge stone hearth pad should be here this afternoon. so. freakin’. excited.

more pictures from the fair to be uploaded later. but now i am off to the gym to work off that jumbo corndog. and ice cream. and french fries. and chocolate, marshmallow, caramel apple. it was all so. worth. it.