a life lesson

we learned a life lesson while we were on our trip to florida. when i planned it it was suppose to be drive sunday. stay sunday night with friends. watch shuttle launch monday. drive home and arrive tuesday. well. plans don’t go as well, planned. after rearranging a bit, leaving tuesday morning and not coming home until friday we never did see the discovery shuttle launch. but the journey to making this trip happen by coordinating one very flexible and wonderful animal sitter and a slew of friends “in case” to puppy sit, to every moment waiting and wondering with adrenaline, to making wonderful friends. yes, the journey was indeed quite the adventure.

the previous post demonstrated how lovely our hosts were. lauren and eric were so extremely kind for allowing us into their home for an undisclosed amount of time. how many people do you know would just open their doors to practical strangers not knowing when their exit date would be?

a question was asked and debated. eric is a big believer that doritos can most definitely be classified as a dessert. throughout dinner one night there was an epic debate. i put the question out as my facebook status to get other feedback and eric overwhelming had support. apparently anything can be dessert. it was so lovely getting to know another couple and laughing hysterically with them.

we ate amazing seafood. amazing. one night dylan had grilled mahi and i had scallops wrapped in bacon. another we ate here. goombay’s. yes, it was good enough to take a picture. dylan’s fish tacos were out of this world and my “sticks” (kabobs) were finger licking, well you know, good.

the same night we headed to goombay’s we walked on the beach. night beach walking is the best i must say. then we headed for ice cream.

after a mechanical problem on wednesday and then weather on thursday to scrub the launch, friday was the day. seriously. do you see how gorgeous of a day it was!?

we got on the bus at 5am and were at kennedy space center. chairs and cooler packed. we were set for the 3pm launch. we decided to watch an imax movie. it was in 3d and narrated by leonardo dicaprio.

i don’t ever want to forget what happened next because it makes us laugh so very much. during the 12 hour drive home we continually brought up this story and laughed.

so we are sitting in the imax theater. the movie starts. five minutes in the woman beside me whistles loudly. and by loudly i mean, i did not know it was humanly possible for a human being to naturally make that noise. she then yells, “the video is misaligned!” her husband, who is sitting directly beside me, was so startled he fumbled his muffins he was holding. she (and he) did not get glasses and were watching the movie without, which of course, looks fuzzy.

so that was funny. but here is what takes it to another level.

after learning about the launch scrub and then learning it wouldn’t be attempted again until nov. 30th at the earliest (rumors are flying that it will be pushed back to feb. 2011. we are crossing our fingers! because then we wouldn’t have to give up our causeway tickets and we could go.) we decided to head home. the buses were mixed up and confusion was setting in. we hooked up with a couple from vancouver canada and we split a cab. during the cab ride the imax movie came up. the couple says, “wow that woman must come to ever viewing of the imax.” we were confused. they went on to say that they thought she said, “leo missed his line!” oh my.

so even moments following severe disappointment we were laughing.

(watching the monitor at kennedy space center when they were announcing the scrub.)

so now we get laundry done. make our itinerary for chicago. pack again. we will be ready for another chapter in the adventure book.