whew! chicago. what more can i say other than i absolutely love this city. it is by far one of my favorites. i love the accent. i love the people. i love the food. i love the music. i love it all. so, yeah, we had an amazing time!

the motivation for going back was for my dear friend caitlin’s wedding. back story, caitlin and i met in guatemala. 3 years ago! i can’t believe it has been that long!! she, her friend, also from chicago, christina and i became amazing friends and have miraculously stayed in touch. there is nothing like parasites to bring people together!

friday night we went to gino’s for the rehearsal dinner. it was perfect. i got to catch up with christina and her boyfriend mike, meet new friends, and the husband got to eat some chicago deep dish!

saturday was the big day! caitlin and brett’s wedding. the church was beautiful.

caitlin looked stunning. us guatemala girls do clean up nice!

congratulations caitlin and brett!

the reception was amazing!

caitlin and brett are HUGE chicago cub fans! HUGE!! as they entered into the reception and went to cut the cake this was the song that was played. I LOVED IT!!

my ruffle ‘shobooties’ that matched my dress perfectly but did spend most of the evening in this chair. i don’t do heels.

sunday the husband and i set out to the city. i had a full day planned! it started here waiting for the blue line.

then i took him to lou malnati’s. president obama recommended this place to me back when i met him when he was running for office. yeah. i know. plus, christina, caitlin, and mike all said THIS was the place to eat. so we went. i have to say, the chicken cobb salad (hold the croutons for this celiac girl!) was super good. but i did have major plate envy.

then we walked all those calories off throughout the city and grant park.

the bears were playing and we walked right by the stadium. boy it was loud!

we stopped by the planetarium. you know, to learn about science.

then to the aquarium.

by the time we finished with the aquarium it was dark and it was time to head to my big surprise!

the famous legends blues club. my husband sure does love the blues and we couldn’t plan a trip to chicago without stopping by.

guy king was playing and he was awesome!

the legend himself, buddy guy, made a surprise appearance! the night was absolutely perfect!

a taste of guy king. seriously, the video does not do him justice.

so, yeah. whew!

it was a big trip and we had a phenomenal time.

this week i am starting training for a position for the court system that i will talk about later, martha stewart is having her female surgery and another small procedure today, the hubby is back to work, and friday i am helping with the gibsonville lighting of the greens with my aunt and her new antique shop. back to catching up on some laundry before my afternoon training!