free holiday cards

are you starting to get into christmas mood? are you waiting until after thanksgiving? making all of these holiday crafts and gifts sure does make it hard not to get into the swing of the holiday spirit!

shutterfly is offering 50 cards for free for all bloggers! i have used shutterfly before and already loved them! they are great because they are quick, affordable, they have awesome quality and they include free envelopes! this year they have a ton of new designs and i’m super excited to tell you that because of this post they are offering me 50 free cards! click here for more information fellow bloggers!

so back to those adorable new designs for the holiday cards! i love the layouts that give you options of using mulitple pictures. with the new addition of martha stewart to the family we have tons of pictures!

here are some of my favorites:

this one really makes me want to get a family photo of all us!

and this one is just perfect! it folds so there is plenty of room to write personal notes!! is it more or are hand written notes the best?!

while i was looking at the adorable photo cards i also went to look at their other products. for reals, this mug with my pups and kitty would just warm my heart! hint hint. or i could splurge on it myself since i am saving monies!!

plus it comes with chocolate. doesn’t get much better than that!

so fellow bloggers … what would you choose if you had 50 free cards to choose from?


Awesome deal! Thanks for the heads up. :)