happy halloween

the first house in our neighborhood goes all out for halloween. so much so that i personally do not feel the need to decorate one bit. it is kinda refreshing actually. everyday in october i drive or walk by and something new has been placed in their yard.

each year there is a theme. last year was high school football. this year … a toxic spill. notice the recurring green “toxic” sludge all around.

a cemetery. for slash. for the pet salamander. for fluffy the pet dog.

driving further is the farmers market and a daycare. all consumed by the toxic waste. a tomato is chasing a man up a tree. the tiny tots on the see saw are well … gross. and scary to really stare at.

a bit closer to the house there is a giant box of multi-brains. oh yum! along with zombies. and don’t miss the man climbing up near the window on the house. and the shutters. oh my.

there is also a section paying tribute to the popular “justin beiber” by way of “rustin cleaver.” along with his adoring fans.

and to round it all up is a zombie cop eating krispy kreme doughnuts.

and because pictures don’t do it justice, a video.

i hope you all had a wonderfully happy halloween. we are planning an exciting trip that i can’t wait to share with you all tomorrow.