martha stewart, the recovery.

martha stewart came out of her surgery with flying colors! she weighs 77lbs. and is definitely still growing! she had her spay and a gastropexy. the gastropexy was a preventative surgery and we researched and researched and agreed with our vets recommendation to have it done. because of the great pyrenees large breed, they are prone to have their stomachs flip. this is extremely dangerous and most likely leads to death. if the dog is rushed to the hospital and a surgery is immediately done to reverse the flip then that would be a success story. there are not a lot though. the time window to get all of this done is a 25 – 30 minute time period. seeing as we live 30 mins. from the closest 24 hour vet hospital i didn’t think the odds were in our favor if something like this happened.

so the gastropexy prevents the stomach flip. the vet sews or staples (not sure which) the stomach to her lining. sounds awful but it is a small procedure that could literally save her life. plus she was already under anesthesia due to the spay.

now she is on heavy doses of pain meds, antibiotics, and a mild sedative. she is enjoying her extra attention and her meds.

air mattress comfort.

sam is being an excellent big brother.

and yes, she snores.

hope you all have a wonderful weekend!