new hand embroidery!

we are gearing up to leave tomorrow morning for florida! i surprised my nasa/space shuttle loving husband with tickets, a place to stay with friends, and a sitter(s) lined up for the animals. all he had to do was show up!

i have been working up a storm on some new hand embroidery items for christmas gifts and for the etsy shop! i knew we were going to have a lot of down time and wanted to keep my fingers busy while waiting for the shuttle launch. so i have been creating some of my own designs and am super excited to show more. here is a little preview!

here is the “thank you” basket i am bringing for my friends that are so graciously opening their home to us. hand embroidery frame, homemade sourdough bread, homemade peach butter, and a dog toy for their golden retriever rusty. oh i can’t to hang out with old friends!!

this is an item that i am tweaking. so please give me your ideas and thoughts. a simple design. a simple monogram. and a frame. i thought this would be cute for a housewarming, new baby, new marriage, etc. kinda gift.

and these little birds won my heart over. i am going to frame these too. i am thinking of adding a name at the bottom to personalize. because i do love to personalize.

i also thought about making a pillow out of them. or a patchwork scarf. what do you all think?

i can’t wait to share more but there is lots left on the to-do list so i better get to-doing!