2010. a year in pictures.

a reflection of sorts. adventures. new additions. great loss. “never let your memories be greater than your dreams.” my quote of the day. my quote that sums up this past year. trying to enthusiastically move forward. and allow my dreams to be greater than the memories of this year.


our first snow in our new home.

to see the sledding videos click here. it will for sure make you laugh.


29th birthday celebration with pavlova.

my boys had no idea what was right around the corner.


fruit trees were planted. pecan trees were planted. goodness i can hardly wait.

a baby quilt was made for a sweet, dear friend and her baby boy.

a sunset walk to the river near our house.

meeting martha stewart (and her sister) for the first time. she is the smaller one in the back.


we worked on our garden. everyone pitched in to help.

i ran a race. as a mentor.

a new hobby began. happy to report that today, dec 31st, they are flying around in the 60 degree weather. tomorrow we will feed and check on them after the coldest december on record.

we introduced martha stewart to the family.


a first bath. of many.

our bees had curious visitors.

martha and i cheered daddy on during his softball games.

precious. ridiculous. love.

our garden flourished.


we found out we were expecting a baby. no hormones. no counting days. i was tired all the time. beyond exhausted. i was nauseous. i loved every minute of it. loved. every. minute.

martha stewart continued to grow. and stay muddy.

i had my first craft fair downtown.

we went to savannah.

we went kayaking in hilton head.

we continued to love each other deeply.

the pups had a hard month. martha stewart had a preventative hip surgery.

sam had a skin infection on his face.

our garden was doing amazingly well. unfortunately, i couldn’t stomach to smell most of the produce.


with the motivation of a new baby around the corner we decided to start knocking out house projects. first up. replacing the french doors with a wall. my in-laws came over to lend their hands and support. this gave the living room more space and we didn’t have to put the couch in the middle of the floor. the husband was skeptical of this house renovation. now he claims it as his original idea. so i guess he is happy with the results!

the most significant event of the year. we miscarried three weeks after this ultrasound where we heard the heartbeat for the first time. i am still coming to terms how losing our baby has profoundly effected me and the relationships i have with others.

i have learned this. it is a funny thing when you go home after you have changed, before you completely realize you have changed that is. whenever i go places, to visit family, anywhere familiar. it looks the same. smells the same. feels the same. the people are the same. it is in this moment that everything that was once familiar isn’t. and i realize that it is me. i have completely, profoundly changed.

through our heartbreak we still laughed. mostly at martha stewart and her complete ridiculousness. this is what we found after coming home from the doctor one day.


we slowly came out of the sadness fog. the husband surprised me with a day of peach picking. i love him. and i loved picking peaches.

my love for canning continued to grow.

our pup and i spent some bonding time sleeping outdoors due to her urinary infection. not fun.

a closet turned into a walk in pantry. new shelves. new paint. complete goodness.


we got to painting. the living room.

and the sun room. (i am the picture taker so there are no pictures of me painting. but i did participate. i am the edger. for reals.) we also put down new flooring here. ripping up carpet is no joke.

a wood stove was delivered and installed.

our girl is still muddy. and growing.

cousins from georgia came for a visit and a wedding. making caramel apples. lesson. read the instruction completely before having guests over to participate.

my cousin jeremy and myself. i absolutely adore him. and his son, dylan, peeking over my shoulder.


we went to our 10th state fair together.

a beautiful wedding in the mountains. absolutely beautiful. the husband’s cousin, scott, married his love, mary.

7 weeks later mary tragically passed away. words cannot put together the heartache we feel for scott, mary’s family, scott’s family, friends and the list goes on. i can only hope time will begin heal their hearts in this coming year.

we took the opportunity to visit our church. we had our vows with us. we spoke them again to each other. it was more profound than the day we said them those years ago. this year has taught me to lean on my husband in ways i never thought to do before. to completely trust him with all of me. we are stronger because of this year.


i found causeway tickets to one of the last nasa shuttle launches. i reconnected with a sweet friend from high school who graciously, along with her husband and golden retriever, invited us to stay at their home in florida. we drove. we waited. no shuttle launch. but lets be honest. waiting in these digs with fun friends isn’t anything to complain about. the shuttle was scrubbed and the next launch date is set for february. you betcha we will be right back. come on nasa, help me ring in my 30th birthday with a shuttle launch!

our garden produced the largest bounty of sweet potatoes yet!

we went to another beautiful wedding. this time in chicago! one my most favorite cities to visit!! my dear friend, whom i met in guatemala, got married and it was a fantastic excuse to visit my girlfriends and see the city for the first time with my husband.

the husband, of course, had to try the famous chicago deep dish.

i love it here.

another surgery. a spay and a gastropexy for our sweet pup. it has been a long first year for her and a super expensive one for us. she has been a trooper and we can’t imagine our family without her. and it is nice to have another female around. i was completely out numbered!


we all feel deeply in love. with the wood stove. milo maybe the most.

we had an amazing trip to max patch mountain and to visit extended family for christmas.

next up. 2011. i turn 30. i am sorting out things i want to focus on. and things i need to let go. i am figuring out how i want my thirties to be different from the twenties. i have decided it’s never too late to be whoever you want to be. thirty used to sound so old. now. not so much.

in the next year you can change or stay the same, there are no rules to this thing. we can make the best or the worst of the coming year. i hope you all make the best of it.

and i am hoping to see things that startle me. i am hoping to feel things i have never felt before. i am hoping to meet people with a different point of view. i am hoping to live this year in a way i will be proud of.

my resolution for 2011. my thirtieth is simply two goals. to not make a single decision based in fear. and to not let my memories be greater than my dreams. how am i going to work on accomplishing these goals?

we will find out together. thank you for following me this year and years past. sharing with me your stories. your comments, your emails. sharing with me, you. join me in 2011.


Thank you for sharing....You are an amazing woman


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