a vacation in the clouds

my adventurous husband is from the mountains of nc. and i love that. i am always up for a trip to visit grandmother’s and extended family. they have always been so tremendously kind and have welcomed me into their family with open arms. this year we decided to go up the week of christmas and celebrate with them. we have only been once (in 10 years of our relationship!) on christmas, so needless to say it was time.

i booked a cabin on max patch mountain. i have never heard of it and after reading about it was super thrilled for the adventure of a new place.

we piled gifts and pups and lots, and lots, of winter gear. the average high was 20 degrees. yes. the high. so i won’t even talk about the lows.

this was martha stewart’s first long trip. she did great. she is a phenomenal back row seat driver. she was constantly entertained by the back window wiper. even growling at it a couple of times. here we are lounging about. it took a couple of days to get acclimated to the new environment. searching all the rooms and not straying to far away from mama.

(please excuse the barely brushed, no make up self. it is a rule on vacation that anything goes.)
taking the pups to potty was the consistent conversation topic. rock, paper, scissors often was the deciding rule.

sam, we learned, is very efficient. he goes on command. is not picky about the spot. martha on the other hand. well. she wasn’t. here is sam wondering what is taking her so long!

on our walk around the property.

piling up one afternoon to go to the max patch summit. this is a car full of slobbery, sometimes smelly, bliss.

on our hike up. it is only 1.5 miles. and there is a shortcut that we later found for the way down. the 1.5 miles would typically be pretty easy. but because of the snow drifts that sometimes went up to my hips, it was a bit difficult for this vertically challenged gal. below is martha and myself.

sam. king of the snow pile.

up top. 360 degree mountain top views. it was the coldest place i have ever been. the winds. seriously burr. but the views. completely worth it.

my loves.

the vast beauty of this place. it can anyone seem tiny.

my absolute favorite picture. my girl.

my pups. i adore them. it is true.

my heart.

on the way down.

sunset back at our cabin. every night it was something different. something to look forward too.

and, of course, sunset is perfect lighting for some pictures of the pups.

how do we get them to sit and stay for so long?

mama holding treats and talking in a ridiculously high voice!

surprise, surprise. martha got a bit impatient!

we fell in love with this place. these trees. everything.

the pups fell in love with all the free running and chasing.

they are very confused when they are inside and we are out. very, very confused.

one night at sunset the snow covered trees turned a shade of pale blue. the colors seemed to be out of a painting. like nothing i have ever seen before.

and year after year i love more and more my pilot.

we still have more christmas festivities with our parents that we are looking forward to. it is nice spreading out the season. it flies by so fast. i am so incredibly thankful for my extended in-law family. spending time with each of them reminded me what this season is all about. and for moments, i was purely happy. it gives me hope that the new year will bring much more moments of happiness to my heart.


Just gorgeous pictures! What a wonderful time.