daily post dedicated to the wood stove

we had an eventful morning to say the least. however, i was compared to julian assange (you know, the wikileak guy) when asked if the events this morning were blog worthy. trust me, they were. but i don’t want to be grouped together with the likes of julian assange so i will refrain. but if you are a friend on facebook then you can read my status stating some of the facts. you see, i do love a good loop hole.

so i will post about what happened after the husband headed off for work. i made myself breakfast. gluten free oatmeal with dried fruit, fresh berries on top, a wedge of mango. drizzled with local honey.

please note my lemon tree that is still alive! it has been moved indoors for the winter. oh how i love my only plant that i haven’t killed.

the pups and cat joined me in the wood stove room to eat breakfast and plan our day. below is martha checking on the status of the lime tree we also moved in.

this is where milo has been the past 3 days. he rotates from the floor to the couch to his cat bed.

yeah, i would say there is a size difference.

sam, of course, was monitoring my bowl of oatmeal.

and the plan for the day. clean the upstairs. check. work on christmas list. which means making some more of these.

happy hump day all! remember “HOLIDAY2010″ is the promo code to use for 25% off anything in my shop!