searching for the perfect cup

of hot chocolate. in guatemala i had this cup of hot chocolate. it changed the way i viewed hot chocolate. standard hot chocolate doesn’t do it anymore. (i became such a hot chocolate snob!)

have you ever had mexican chocolate? they sell it in bars and if you live near a loco pop, their version of mexican chocolate ice cream is out of this world amazing. but i have yet to find hot chocolate.

yesterday at whole foods i found this.

this morning i made a cup for me and a cup for the husband. it wasn’t exactly like my guatemalan blend but it was super close. our mayan hot chocolate along with my bowl of oatmeal and fresh fruit (blackberry, raspberry, strawberry, blueberry, and mango mix) i am set to conquer the world.

we haven’t decorated at all for christmas. we are debating since we won’t actually be in town. and with everything going on we just haven’t found time. so i think it was extra special drinking our hot chocolate out of our holiday mugs this morning. i think the christmas cheer made its first visit at our house.

on a side note, i found this video from my summer in guatemala. i laughed so hard. looking at all the pictures and the videos it made me extremely “home” sick. i miss my family there. here is why.

oh how they made me laugh.