snow fun 2010

well hello stranger! i didn’t purposefully take the month off from blogging but it just kinda happened. the month has absolutely flown by. that added to my lack of christmas “spirit” left the space empty.

i do hope you all have had a wonderful holiday. spent time with family you don’t often see and those you see all the time. we did. i will post more about what all we have been up to in the next day or so. (i have to weed through the 300 + pictures we took!) yes. where we visited was that beautiful.

but for now we are drying out from a day full of FUN! if you are a long time blog reader than you know i love everything winter. snow is just the icing on the cold cake.

seriously. here comes trouble! i thought was getting started on the snowman. nope. this was a snow ball with my name written on it!

yep. someone went a bit too far into the woods. someone else got in trouble because documenting the hilarious event was priority over asking if that other someone was okay first.

he was.

sigh. he is so darn cute.

and, of course, the pups loved every minute of it.

i am looking forward to compiling my 2010 year in review. similar to last years found here.

yep. it is good to be back.