weekend recap

saturday morning we woke up super early and found mister milo like this. keeping watch over the wood stove that has been going all weekend.

we headed to the furniture market where i was easily distracted in the “cottage chic” room. seriously, i thought i “needed” every single piece.

the colors. the design. it all spoke to me. but like i said, it was a distraction from what we were actually looking for. i think we did find the perfect christmas present. more about that later.

sunday was the craft fair and christmas parade! oh it was so much fun!! i can’t say thank you enough to all the friends and family members that came out to say hello. it was a big success and, even though it was freezing!, i had a blast!

today i am cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. the kind of cleaning that i have been looking forward to doing. not the everyday pick up cleaning but the overhauling, deep cleaning that doesn’t happen often. hanging some of my favorite finds here and there.

and moving some furniture around. here is what the rest of the gang is up to.

oh this cat. he is most definitely a fan of the couch being moved into the wood stove room. he gave me high fives with paws. really, he did.

hope you all have a wonderful start to the week!


Oh, how I long to be near that wood stove. My electric heat just isn't cutting it. I LOVE the ruffle scarf I saw on your table.