weekly menu, last one for 2010!


lunch: out. our favorite indian restaurant. it has been over two weeks and it is all i can think about.
dinner: whole grain, homemade gluten free pizza. mozzarella cheese. basil. home canned tomato sauce. simple. delicious. oh how i love my pizza stone.
lunch: sandwiches. the husband eats a nutella, peanut butter, and banana sandwich. i eat a no-salt turkey with swiss cheese and spinach one.
dinner: pot roast with potatoes and carrots. ultimate comfort food.
lunch: leftover pot roast. side cesear salad.
dinner: roasted potatoes, brussel sprouts, carrots, and parsnips. serious yum. paired with maple salmon. again. serious yum.
lunch: chicken cesear salad for both of us.
dinner: sweet potato and black bean chili. with gluten free cornbread. my favorite is bob’s. of course.
lunch: christmas festivities with the husband’s parents.
dinner: leftover chili and cornbread.
lunch: christmas festivities with my mom.
dinner: leftover chili over baked potatoes. super easy way to use up those last bits of chili.