activities today. narrated by milo.

thursday activities told by milo. the cat.

first, let me tell you about my new nickname. they now call me “killa.” like i am some gangster kitty or something. i tell ya. these parents of mine. the reason behind the nickname? well. it may be the reason mom gags a bit whenever i walk past her now. and i tried to jump on her last night and she quickly pushed me away from her face. i caught a bird. i ate said bird. right in front of the window where mom and the pups could see me. oh what a delight. it drove those dogs crazy. grossed mom out. and i, at my old age, am pretty darn proud that i am still catchin’ the birds.

today the pups were a disaster. muddy. wet. gross. an absolute disaster. mom was inside cleaning the house so i patiently waited in the screened porch for when she came outside to get them and saw their hot mess selves. i live for moments when she is upset with them. highlight of my days. well. other than catching birds.

here is sam. i don’t mind him so much. he respects me and gives me my space. i am the oldest and i need my space. so we are cool. plus he and i match. i am a fancy cat and i do like to match my siblings. even if they are dogs.

this one. completely ridiculous. she isn’t even full grown. i am pretty sure she is part horse. she is forever trying to get me to play chase with her. damn dog. i am a cat. i don’t chase. i swat with my claws. but you like even that. geez. you exhaust me.

i don’t blame dad for this. he and i are best buds. by the way, if you are reading this dad, i checked on the bees this morning and they were flying. i didn’t get to close. you know. because they are bees.

exhibit a. hot mess is what they call her. i believe she has more than earned that nickname.

anyway back to the activities. mom came outside. bless her heart. she worked so hard to clean the house. even mopping the floors. she was left no option to give the pups a bath. now this was a sight. you see. you can’t take one of those dogs somewhere without taking the other. so weird. it is called independence. learn about it. after the baths (i bet it was cold. looked cold.) they came back to the porch. mom had a hard time corralling them inside. all they wanted to do was shake water and run around. like buffoons i tell ya. buffoons.

this is what i think of their shenanigans. am i not the most handsome cat. go ahead. leave a comment and tell me. mom will read them to me.

seriously. this one just couldn’t stand the idea of being clean and seeing all that mud and not playing. i, of course, was trying to relay the message to mom that it isn’t too late to give her back from wherever they got her. seriously. what is the return policy?

my buddy sam. he listened to mom. stayed where he was suppose to. away from the mud. but i can’t really say he is too smart. did you hear about how many times he locked himself in the bathroom yesterday?! oh the stories this little cat has.

i like this blogging thing. all mom talks about is oats. can we all say together b.o.r.i.n.g. well. signing off. milo. aka. killa.


haha, I love me some Milo! Go get 'em killa!

Kathy Kariher
Kathy Kariher

Kelsi, I love you...and your blog. You are Everywoman. I am at such a different place in my life and yet I totally get it. Right down to the oatmeal. (BTW, the porridge in Ireland was to die for.) These damn muddy white dogs. Goodness, I have her in the sink all the time. I am anxious for the temps to drop into the teens again as the mud freezes and she comes back to the house clean. Jim and I are spending our lives mopping up the muddy pooch. We're going to come and see you. I still owe you that hug. ♥!