everything is amazing, yet no one is happy

i love, love, love conan. team coco here! we don’t have cable so we watch the shows days later when we have time online. i watched this clip and it completely resonated with me. (i apologize for the crappy quality, it was the only version i could find.)

it is funny and so absolutely true. this is the last week before my big birthday, turning 30 on sunday. and i have been thinking a lot lately of how i want my next 10, even 30 years to look like. what i like about myself and what i don’t. what i want to grow upon and what i want to completely change.

the last time we flew it was to chicago. i am not a huge fan of flying. but there was a dad with two kids sitting beside me and i just watched the kids excitement of just being on a plane. i remember thinking i want to consciously think about the world like this.
when i think about it. if i want to go somewhere, i hop in my car and, a bit of time later, i am there, with minimal expenditure of physical labor. ditto for washing my dishes, or my clothes, or, heck, even my car if I so choose. which lets just be honest, i don’t. hello, rain. my food is kept perpetually chilled, or frozen. hot, luxurious water pours (cleanly!) from my shower, bathtub and every other spigot! indoor plumbing! i mean when was the last time i was thankful for indoor plumbing?! there are strawberries available, for the taking, at my local grocer. in january.

while these technologies, texting, internet, etc. bring their own host of other issues to contend with, they certainly offer a standard of living (not to mention type of life) never known in the history of humankind. and that, friends, is amazing. and something i have completely taken for granted.
i, for one, am quite happy.
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if you realized how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think a negative thought.

— peace pilgrim


I've seen this clip before, and I love it! It made me laugh again, thanks for posting.I had the same feeling the other day, when my husband and I were watching a documentary about North Korea. At one point I turned to him and said, "We just don't have any problems. There's not one thing you and I have going on that would qualify as a problem when you compare it to this."I tend to overflow with gratitude when I remember that. Thanks for the reminder.


People are as happy as they make up their minds to be. - A. Lincoln