home and play

three full days and all i have talked about is food. hmmm. can we say making changes is hard to do? but i am doing well. day four. steel cut oats for breakfast. check. add ins were a mashed banana, 2 tbsp. of cashew butter, 2 tbsp of ground flax seed, 1 tbsp of cocoa. the chocolate was very muted so next time i will add another tbsp.

instead of food being my focus i wanted to discuss home goals for 2011.

goal 1: say goodbye to swine. and other various shade of blah.

i have a real aversion to my mauve, flesh toned walls. they just make me feel unsettled. and if something actually makes me feel miserable in my own home, i have to deal with it. it might take me longer than a year to paint every wall in my house, but i’ll give it my best shot in 2011 and whatever i manage to do will be better than nothing, right? right.

goal 2: buh-bye plastic.

master bathroom. the plan. rip out the plastic shower. replace with tiles. this will give us more room and more peace. the husband is too tall to “walk-in” to our “walk-in” shower. so that issue will be addressed. plus i just find a stone tile shower so peaceful and beautiful. and isn’t shower time an excuse to have a few moments of peace, to yourself.

goal 3: we have a garage?!

we have a two car garage. i never go in there. i know, i know. it is the man domain. but seriously. he doesn’t go in there that often either. it has become the “i don’t know where this should go. put it in the garage.” storage spot. and well. after almost two years living here. it has become a space that is not usable. and i absolutely hate wasted space. hate. it. so that will be addressed. pronto.

goal 4: find creative uses for all our wall space. i love this idea.

click on image for source.

aside from home goals. health goals. i have a to-do list item that i need your help with. i need a killer playlist for the gym. it has come to the point where if i see ke$ha’s name pop up or hear “like a g6″ one more time, i may purposely nosedive off my treadmill. true story. it will happen.

so help a girl out. what do you listen to?


First of all, I was just looking at Pottery Barn yesterday, and this caught my eye. Love it! Oh, and there is seriously an art to picking out paint colors. I know this sound crazy, but I listen to old hip hop songs from school dances. :) But another favorite is Candy Man by Christina Aguilera. It keeps me going.