measuring cheese

new year. new goals. i love the idea of a fresh start. today there are no failures. only choices. so one choice i made was to get back online and track my food intake and energy output. i.e. i am tracking my calories in and calories out.
i don’t diet. i love food. i know myself. i know that the minute i say, no more (fill in the blank), whatever is in that blank will be what i want. and really. i refuse to live a life that does not include ice cream. or cheese. or peppermint bark. that would not be living. but limiting all of these things in also necessary to live a healthy life.

so here i am. measuring damn cheese. it was lunch time. i made myself a swiss cheese and no-salt turkey on whole grain bread sandwich. 240 calories total. not shabby. (i skipped the mayo to keep it under 300.) then i knew i wanted to skip the potato chips so i grabbed a bag of steamed broccoli and cauliflower. i know! high five self!! the entire bag is 90 calories of simply vegetable goodness. sodium check, 20mg. seriously the steam-able veggies are so wonderful. so there i sit. sandwich. broccoli and cauliflower. blah. i needed some cheese. cheddar. pronto. well damn. 1/4 cup is all i was willing to give up for calories. and let me say. 1/4 cup of cheese just didn’t seem to make my heart very happy. but i did it. and it was completely satisfying.
day 1. no failures so far. and lets be honest. there will be failures. but today, because of the healthy choices i am enjoying a (measured) piece of peppermint bark. life is simply good.