weekly menu

i am still recovering from pneumonia. it is no fun but i am definitely feeling a little bit better each and every day. i literally spent 5 hours awake on saturday. the combination of feeling crappy and drugs that make me silly then drowsy equal a non-exciting weekend spent in bed.

on the plus side of being sick, i didn’t feel well enough to go out for dinner. so we ate almost all meals at home! success!
lunch: simple tomatoes on toast. goat cheese. check. tomatoes and fresh basil. double check. side ceasar salad. yum.
dinner: asian lettuce wraps. local organic beef. fresh lettuce. water chestnuts. this may become a “go to” meal.
lunch: yogurt, granola, fruit. scoop of almond butter.
dinner: southwestern omelet with roasted red potatoes.
lunch: steamed broccoli with measured cheese. sliced apple with almond butter.
dinner: tortilla soup. i am adding corn and black beans. (and hoping for snow!)
lunch: leftover tortilla soup.
dinner: baked shrimp in tomato sauce. served over brown rice.
thursday (off to court! wish me luck!!)
lunch: yogurt, granola, fruit. topped with almond butter.
dinner: breakfast for dinner night! oatmeal pancakes. super yum.
lunch: green smoothie. sliced apple with peanut butter.
dinner: chipotle bean burritos. a staple in our house.
lunch: almond butter + banana + udi gluten free whole grain bread = happiness.
dinner: out with friends. can’t wait!
lunch: general store cafe. (i always get the salad trio. greek. potato. chicken.)
dinner: mahi mahi with bacon butter. side of broccoli and mashed potatoes.
what are you eating this week?