weekly menu

lots of repeats. last week went off the menu a bit. which means a really short grocery list this week!


breakfast: cinnamon, honey steel oats
lunch: gluten free crackers, peanut butter, an apple.
dinner: grilled cheese sandwiches (made by the husband!) and vegan, creamless tomato soup(made by myself.) vegan if you use vegetable stock. which i do. trust me. it is so good.
breakfast: steel cut oats. peanut butter and banana add ins.
lunch: leftover tomato soup.
dinner: simple tomatoes on toast. oh with goat feta. i mean. come on. major. yum! with a huge caesar salad on the side.
breakfast: steel cut oats.
lunch: broccoli, cauliflower steamed. greek yogurt with fruit and granola.
breakfast: overnight oats. rolled in peanut flour goodness.
lunch: kale, spinach and pear smoothie. bowl of cereal.
dinner: mahi mahi with bacon-tomato butter. (wild caught mahi mahi!) side of mashed potatoes and steamed broccoli.
breakfast: steel cut oats.
lunch: broccoli steamed and turkey and swiss sandwich.
dinner: beef with snow peas. side of brown rice.
breakfast: kale, spinach and pear smoothie. (see recipe above)
lunch: sandwiches.
dinner: chipotle bean burritos. so good. (thanks melissa for reminding me about this recipe!)
brunch: oatmeal, whole grain pancakes.
dinner: asian lettuce wraps. new recipe so we will see how it goes.
what are you having this week?