weekly menu

i did great last week! counted my calories. lost some weight. how much you ask? well. 4.4 lbs. we made it to the gym 4 times out of the 7 days. not too shabby, especially considering i haven’t felt well this weekend. nothing drastic. nothing crazy. livable, healthy change. on to week two!

lunch: grilled cheese sandwiches (made by the husband!) and vegan, creamless tomato soup (made by myself.) vegan if you use vegetable stock. which i do. trust me. it is so good.
dinner: leftover tomato soup. caesar salad.
breakfast: steel cut oats. you guys know how i am rolling in the mornings.
lunch: steamed broccoli and cauliflower, sprinkled with measured cheese. greek yogurt topped with granola and a banana.
dinner: vegetable, lentil soup. (perfect for some snowy/icy conditions!)
breakfast: steel cut oats.
lunch: leftover lentil soup.
dinner: dinner/movie night out with friends. absolutely can not wait.
breakfast: hmmm. yep. oats.
lunch: leftover lentil soup.
dinner: mahi mahi with bacon-tomato butter. (wild caught mahi mahi is on sale this week at the harris teeter!) side of mashed potatoes and steamed broccoli.
thursday: (i go to court today for my case so please send good thoughts my way!)
breakfast: oats.
lunch: steamed broccoli and cauliflower. yogurt with granola and fruit.
breakfast: oats.
lunch: leftover tacos. hmm. leftovers are the best!
dinner: simple tomatoes on toast. oh with goat feta. i mean. come on. major. yum! with a huge caesar salad on the side.
breakfast: cereal. shocking. i know.
lunch: out. somewhere.
dinner: sandwich night. turkey and swiss for me. peanut butter, banana and nutella for the husband. sides are whatever we find in the kitchen.
breakfast: yogurt. granola. almond butter. banana. i am a happy girl.
lunch: who am i kidding? my breakfast will be lunch because i am sleeping in!
dinner: homemade pizza. whole grain dough. whatever toppings i can muster up in the house.