weekly menu

calorie counting is back. so here we go. what will you be eating this first week of january 2011? are you making any changes? i love to hear from you. so drop me a line.

lunch: turkey and swiss sandwich. side of broccoli and cauliflower with some ‘measured’ cheese.
dinner: baked chicken, cesear salad with side of honey-roasted root vegetables.

breakfast: overnight oats. i am in love.
lunch: leftover root vegetables. greek honey yogurt with granola, a sliced banana, and a tablespoon of peanut butter goodness.
dinner: roasted potatoes, brussel sprouts, carrots, and parsnips. serious yum. paired with maple salmon. again. serious yum.

breakfast: overnight oats. this is just going to be on repeat.
lunch: turkey and swiss sandwich. leftover root vegs as my side. cause i am cool like that. and i love root vegetables.
dinner: sweet potato and black bean chili. so good. lasts for days. with some cornbread. yum.

breakfast: yep. oats.
lunch: greek yogurt with my favorite toppings. it is a big bowl of nothing but good for me foods. and yogurt does my body good. especially the protein rich greek yogurt.
dinner: leftover chili over a baked potato.

breakfast: oats.
lunch: leftover chili. side salad.
dinner: sandwich night! the husband makes his favorite. peanut butter with nutella and a banana. i make mine. turkey and swiss is what is in the fridge. so that will do. the husband can not eat a sandwich without chips. just try to make him. he won’t. i will have a side of steamed broccoli and cauliflower. maybe on friday i will still be measuring my cheese. :)

breakfast: cereal. i go crazy on the weekends!
lunch: hopefully, hint hint to the husband who doesn’t actually read my blog but only looks at the pictures, i would love to eat out at our favorite indian restaurant in chapel hill. seriously. it is beyond amazing. and i don’t feel like i am eating crap. real food. real heat. real goodness.
dinner: whole grain, oatmeal pancakes. so good. and good for you.

breakfast: leftover pancakes.
lunch: grilled cheese sandwiches (made by the husband!) and creamless, homemade tomato soup. really. don’t grab the can. you know the one. with the LONG list of ingredients. trust me, make this instead.
dinner: leftover tomato soup. side cesear salad.

The Hills
The Hills

Yeah, do a post about the oats. I tried overnight steel cut oats in the crock pot once and it was AWFUL. You could have hung wallpaper with those bad boys. I have oatmeal for breakfast every day because it's good for milk production. I always have peanut butter with them!


too funny! i feel a blog post dedicated to the overnight oats is in order. but to answer your question, i have yet to empty the peanut butter jar yet. i put the oats in a pint mason jar. or a bowl. it doesn't really matter. but i just like eating them best out of jar because of my jar obsession.

Carolina Belle
Carolina Belle

So, I am puzzled. Do you use the same peanut butter jar every day? Do you add peanut butter? Please clarify these oats of which you speak... :)