why is it the moment you start tracking what you are eating, the more you think about food? i mean. it is all i can think about. it is exciting in a way. i am thinking about all the nutritionally healthy options out there that i have never tried. some, i have never heard of. it is really exciting to be putting me first. well, except when the husband walks quietly past me with a plate of warm, out of the oven chocolate chip cookies. really husband. really.
my point. i apologize for only posting food posts. but it is all i can think about. therefore. all i write about. oh boy.
we have a trader joe’s close by. but in all honesty, i have never been that big of a fan. i know. shocking! everyone seems to LOVE it. every time i go in, it seems crazy! but i read about peanut flour and about trader joe’s brand. it is suppose to be amazingly delicious. and again. once i hear something is delicious, it is all i can think about. so off to trader joe’s.
i was appealed to the peanut flour because i LOVE peanut butter. cashew butter. almond butter. it doesn’t matter. but there are so many calories and fat in just a tablespoon. so sad. but peanut flour doesn’t. for 1/4 cup of peanut flour there are 110 calories and 4 grams of fat! but you don’t lose all the good for you stuff in peanut butter. in the same 1/4 cup, 1150mg of potassium and 16 grams of protein!!
this morning i put 2 tablespoons (half of the serving size) in with my steel cut oats. stirred in really well then added a mashed banana. topped with 1/4 cup of granola. 310 calories total! i have drastically cut my morning calories AND still get a yummy peanut butter flavor in my oats. win! double freakin’ win!

while at trader joe’s i picked up some almond butter with roasted flaxseeds. oh my word. i am officially getting on the trader joe bandwagon. this stuff. yum! with an ingredient list that i can read and is only a few items long. a couple tablespoons of this with a sliced apple. perfect!
and because i am not trying to deprive myself of anything. only massive portions! i wandered to the ice cream isle. to my surprise i found this.

it is a vegan frozen “yogurt” and it is amazing. i did sniffle a bit when i measured out my serving size instead of just going spoon in, like i didn’t have a care in the world. but it was indeed a very special treat. one that i will need to keep in the freezer for the next time the husband bakes cookies.
all of this to say, dear husband. can you pick some up on your way home? it is all i can think about.