a buzz worthy update

after our week long trip away from the homestead we spent yesterday catching up on everything. gardening. puppy loving. milo playing and extra loving. and, of course, checking in on our bees.

we gave them a pollen patty on the left and a sugar cake on the right. this winter has been so hard on local bees that many are not surviving. we have given them these “treats” to help them along. they seem to REALLY like the sugar cake.

my handsome beekeeper.

can you find the queen? queen latifah was overthrown and now we are on to queen elton john. she doesn’t seem to be laying very much so we are still a bit worried about their survival. cross your fingers for our little bees.

two more hives to be delivered mid april. we do love our bees.

sting check. dylan 1. kelsi 1.