birthday celebration

i wanted to recap my birthday celebration because it was so very special. my husband and a couple of friends planned and orchestrated quite the surprise party! i was truly surprised and loved every minute of it.

the people that came ranged from all different stages in my life from old internships, new budding friendships, dear friends, and even my favorite teacher from 8th grade made an appearance! my heart was filled with all the love needless to say.

i can’t say thank you enough to anji for hosting and providing an endless birthday girl cup of beverages, david for planning and husband support, and, of course, everyone that came out to share the big celebration with me. i am such a lucky girl.

as if that wasn’t enough happiness, i also received amazingly thoughtful gifts and cards.

wine. beautiful chocolates that were “almost” too gorgeous to eat. salad spinner, i have been wanting one for YEARS and just always forget to ask for one.

look at this. antique chicken sewing tools. an old blue mason jar. a fabric gift card. do these people know me or what?! thoughtful gifts like these bring a smile to my face every time i look at them. to know that i have friends so thoughtful … seriously. lucky, lucky girl here.

and then there is her. waiting patiently for us to return home. wondering why she didn’t get an invitation.

or wondering why we ever leave.