happy birthday martha stewart!

my pup is no longer a pup. today she is one year old! next month is her yearly check up so we can’t wait to see her weight! the last time we were at the vet was well before christmas when she came in at 88 lbs. i think she is still growing honestly!

because i love a recap more than anyone i know here are my favorite moments and memories that encapsulate our first year with the one and only martha stewart!.

first day meeting her brothers. she was so cautious her first day. she hid under the car and wouldn’t come out. that is until we brought sam outside. she immediately started wagging her tail and ran up to him. and that was that.

first bath. oh she would love to snuggle after a bath. just like sam. it is my favorite part of the whole “bath” experience.

i found these videos that just made my day. i had forgotten how funny she was going up and down the stairs.

for the first months martha’s ability to fit through the screen door was entertainment for all of us.

and mud. i learned to accept mud as part of our daily life. it doesn’t have to had rained. martha will find a way to get muddy. oh the joys of a white dog. she proudly and happily earned her nickname of “hot mess.”

she first had a hernia as a puppy that required immediate surgery to fix. then a preventative hip surgery. (picture below) then her spay and gastropexy was anything but routine. it was an expensive first year to say the least.

growth spurts to the dismay of sam.

milo and martha have a love hate relationship and after a year i still don’t understand it completely. he antagonizes her. she does the same to him. i literally saw him hanging from her snout (with his claws) and she was walking around the room with him just hanging. oh her tail was waging and after he jumped off, she went back for more.

she is a momma girl like no other. and i love every second of. even when i have to avoid the probably 100lb dog laying beside my bed in the middle of the night to go pee. she refuses to sleep on a bed placed anywhere else in the room. only sleeps right next to me on the floor. sigh.

happy 1st birthday martha stewart!