i am obsessed!

with nutella. seriously. i need an intervention. please send someone to come and remove nutella from my cabinets and then the memory from my brain.

tonight i made these.

nutella rolls

1 pkg. crescent rolls, gluten free sweet dough if you are a fellow celiac
nutella, approximately half a tablespoon on each wedge of dough.
1 banana, sliced
powdered sugar for sprinkling

spread out a crescent roll triangle, drop a spoonful of nutella in the middle, add a slice of banana then wrap it up. place these on a baking sheet and bake for around 10 mins at 375 until golden brown. sprinkle powdered sugar on top. i know. ridiculously easy and absolutely amazing.

why. why do i do this. because i love my husband and he had a hard day and i wanted to treat him. yes. because i am obsessed. obviously.

and well i went for a run and worked in the yard today. and i had a smoothie for lunch.

question. since i added a banana are these considered healthy?