i have 30 years.

during my summer in guatemala, a few years ago, i learned many lessons that i still carry with me today. one of the most valuable is the view of aging. my “mother” in my guatemalan home told me it is not “i am 40 years old” but “i have 40 years.” i loved that. i am 10 years wiser than i was at 20, thankfully. so as of yesterday, i have 30 years. 30 years of smiles, lessons learned, some the hard way. 30 years of heartbreak and love. i have to say, i am excited about turning 30. i think it is going to be great. and if it isn’t. well, when 40 comes, i will be all the more wiser because of all the lessons learned.
i can’t come up with 30 things i have done in the last 10 years that was spectacular. i can definitely come up with a good 15, but then i struggle. i want to stop taking up space and actually start living. so i am pledging to do 30 spectacular (my definition, of course) things in my 30th year.
1. own a flock of organic eating, free range loving, happy chickens.
2. eat organic, eggs from my own happy chickens that i have raised and loved.
3. see the launch of the discovery nasa space shuttle in its final mission to space.
4. learn a new art by taking a pottery class.
5. start meditating on a daily basis.

6. read a book each month. i would LOVE to have a blog book club, if you will. you suggest books and we will read them together. i want to read smart books, profound books, life changing books, and some pure enjoyment books (otherwise known as “chick lit.”)
7. go camping. in an actual tent.
8. plan a trip with my cousins in georgia. can be here or there or somewhere in between.
9. volunteer in the community.
10. lose 30 pounds. really i want to lose more. but lets be honest, if i lose more that will only be a win, win. losing 30 seems completely attainable. and i like to mark things off of lists.
11. eat a mostly meat-free diet. out of 21 meals each week, only 5 contain meat. and continuing to be picky about the meat will be a priority.
12. conscious exercise 5 times a week. a walk with the pups. a class at the gym.
13. find a primary care doctor and get a full body check up.
14. hire a photographer and have a fun photo shoot out on our little “farm.”
15. challenge yourself once a week, at least. blog about the adventure.
16. remodel/redecorate the dining room. by myself. no husband handiwork.
17. write a letter to my husband on our 10 year anniversary (this may).
18. go to see my favorite band when i was a child. new kids on the block. in greensboro. tickets given as my birthday present from my sweet husband. i know. get excited.
19. go canoeing on the river by our house.
20. watch an outdoor play. there are so many to chose from!
21. see the wild horses on the outer banks.
22. go white water rafting.
23. throw away the fears and the protection, start baby making again.
24. be authentic. completely honest with myself and others. especially family members.
25. make a quilt. for myself.
26. kiss my husband. every. single. day. that we are together.
27. laugh when the pups are muddy instead of getting upset that i just cleaned the floors.
28. never prioritize cleaning over spending quality time with the husband, family or friends.
29. take a cooking class to learn how to cook something i have never cooked before.
30. keep a “best and worst” journal daily. “best” being something i am proud that i did, a fear i over came, something i did well. “worst” being anything from a negative thought i had about myself that i couldn’t let go, not being my authentic self, a decision i made out of fear. ultimately, i want to really start liking myself. i think turning 30 means it is about damn time. at the end of each week i will have 7 “best” things to be proud of and 7 “worst” things that i can work on. building self confidence one decision at a time.
so happy birthday self. it is going to be year of memories. and hopefully, growth.

i can’t wait to share all the birthday celebration fun had this weekend! for now, i am a tremendously blessed and lucky girl to have the friends and husband that i do. my heart is so very full.

I love this! I can help with #14, too! :)

Heather Tart
Heather Tart

I can help you with #'s 6 & 7 and your #29 is on my "things to do as I turn 30" list, too!