pillows added to the shop!

i love pillows. i love making them. i love what they can do to a room. oddly enough, i haven’t made any pillows for my own home. with valentine’s day around the corner i thought our home could use a little “love” in a room or two.

i worked up a couple of pillows and based on the feedback decided to list them in my shop. what do you think?

i love that valentine’s day has become less the “couples” holiday and more about letting people in your life that you love know that. teachers. best friends. sisters. mothers. love transcends not solely romantic relationships. point for valentine’s day in my book.

something about a simple, important date. it can bring back a rush of emotions. that was the motivation behind my custom wedding date pillow. whether it be a birth, a wedding, a graduation. dates have such an important place in our hearts.

can i just say, i love, love, love this colorful floral print? because i do. it makes me oh so very happy.

new pillow in our sun room that is slowly coming together.

pillows are listed in my etsy shop. click here to view. all are completely custom made. we can talk colors, fabrics, fonts, size and more.