weekend love

my weekend love began on friday when my mom came for a birthday visit. just us girls and a list of thrift stores. i mean. is there a better way to spend a friday?! i think not.

i racked up on baskets because it is, well, what i do. how precious would the square gingham lined one be for picking up chicken eggs?! i know right. adorable.

a water globe for $1. an italian huge glass jar with the rubber seal, $2.50. amazing. not pictured are other finds. a stand up bulb digger for $5 that means my back can take a break when planting tulips. and an antique metal ladle that i am going to us for scooping out chicken feed. can you tell i have chickens on the brain?

this weekend the hubs and i spent almost all our time outside enjoying the amazing “spring is right around the corner” weather. garden cleared out and cultivated, peas planted. mulch to be added soon.

i gave a valentine’s day gift early, this “bee crossing” sign to the husband. oh he loves his bees. and now he loves his sign.

a chicken coop design, run size, and location were all decided. utilities were marked. materials were bought.

etsy orders were worked on. coasters just a couple days away from being shipped. going to the post office tonight with completed onesies and pillows. be on the lookout for a valentine’s day giveaway.

backyard was sectioned off. aerated. seeded. watered. here is hoping for a few less muddy pup pictures this summer.

and maybe the most exciting development … drum roll … my lemon plant has a new leaf. sam is excited. or maybe he is just excited about chickens. either way i have his support.

how did you spend your weekend?