weekly menu

the theme for this week … use as much as i can from the pantry and refrigerator and to not eat out. exciting right?!

brunch: oatmeal. scoop of peanut butter and a drizzle of honey.
dinner: broccoli, cashew, tofu stir fry. served with brown rice. this is a repeat dish that i just love. homemade sauce so i can limit sodium and full of veggies. makes lots of leftovers. doesn’t get better than that.

breakfast: oats.
lunch: leftover stir fry.
dinner: parmesan tilapia.(1) must. remember. to. take. tilapia. out. of. freezer. served with steamed broccoli and brown rice.

breakfast: oats.
lunch: leftover stir fry.
dinner: vegetarian version of “sausage and biscuits.” per husband request.

breakfast: oats.
lunch: energy smoothie.
snack: veggies with hummus.
dinner: huevos rancheros. bbq style. so yum! this is a favorite in our house.

breakfast: oats.
lunch: smoothie.
snack: veggies with hummus.
dinner: asian lettuce wraps.(2) super yum. super easy.

breakfast: oats.
lunch: sandwiches. peanut butter and nutella for the husband. almond butter and banana for me. lots of working in the yard this weekend! chicken run building and garden planning.
dinner: southwestern omelet. roasted red potatoes. biscuits.

brunch: oatmeal pancakes with mashed bananas.
dinner: crock pot santa fe chicken.(3) served with brown rice. side note: i love this food blog. she counts nutritional information and weight watcher points for her recipes. has plenty of gluten free options. love it.

what are you having this week?