weekly menu

last week was a success in terms of eating meat significantly less. i tell you, it is so much cheaper to leave out the meat a couple of meals. which allows me to spend more of the grocery monies on buying high quality, organic, therefore more expensive meat. i heard this saying from michael pollan (whom i have so. much. respect for!), he said i rarely eat meat but when i do i make sure the animals had a happy and free life with one bad day.

on to the weekly menu. some repeats from last week because we went out a couple of times that wasn’t planned for. (side note, the hummus at the carolina brewery is AMAZING!)

breakfast: (currently eating as typing) oats.
lunch: broccoli with cheese sprinkled. greek yogurt with a tbsp. of almond butter and nutella. sprinkling of granola. it is a bowl of happiness.
dinner: broccoli and cashew tofu stir fry. served with brown rice.

breakast: oats.
lunch: leftover stir fry with brown rice.
snack: yogurt with granola and banana.
dinner: parmesan baked tilapia. so good. one of my husband’s favorite dishes.
dessert: mexican chocolate tofu pudding. there is a chocolate pudding at whole foods that uses tofu and it is amazingly delicious. i have high hopes this will be a success.

breakfast: oats.
lunch: vanilla honey-nut smoothie.
dinner: out celebrating our good friend david’s birthday! ted’s? mellow mushroom? pf changs? mexican? i don’t know where but it will be delicious!

breakfast: oats.
lunch: energy smoothie. the silken tofu is amazing! it makes the smoothies so creamy and ups the protein. win. win.
dinner: spicy bean burritos. have all the ingredients, just didn’t make them. another win for the grocery budget!

brunch: vegetarian sausage and gravy biscuits. a special treat for the husband.
dinner: crab cakes. tweaked with some gluten free changes, these are wonderful. served with steamed broccoli and red roasted potatoes.

lunch: indian fare with the husband. so. good.
dinner: leftover bean burrito goodness.

breakfast: oats.
lunch: yogurt bowl of granola, banana, almond butter.
snack: veggies with hummus.
dinner: my own version of ratatouille. made this last week with several changes. LOVED it! can’t wait to make this summer with garden fresh veggies. i will post my recipe later in the week. served with brown rice.

breakfast: oats.
lunch: honey nut smoothie posted before.
snack: veggies with hummus.
dinner: leftover ratatouille with rice.

what are you having this week?