weekly menu

if you have read my “30 while 30″ then you know i am going to try to eat no more than 5 meals with meat. listen. i love people that can cut it all out. but i love bacon. so i am finding balance. less meat, a lot less. and being really, really picky about where it comes from. so you will notice a ( _ ) with a number after the meals with meat. i know, i am a dork. but this helps me keep track.

breakfast: oats.
lunch: yogurt with a banana and granola. spoon of almond butter. so good.
dinner: veggie enchiladas. totally not on the most healthiest option BUT the sick husband requested “cheesy goodness” so what is a girl to do. (at least they are filled with veggies?!)
dessert: leftover gluten free chocolate birthday cake. i know. i am a lucky girl.


breakfast: oatmeal. yeah i am still on the steel cut kick.
lunch: smoothie. either this or that. salad.
snack: apple with honey.
dinner: broccoli tofu stir fry. over jasmine rice.
breakfast: oats.
lunch: yogurt with fruit and granola.
snack: veggies with dip.
dinner: ratatouille. served with brown rice.
breakfast: oats. boring, i know.
lunch: leftover ratatouille with rice.
snack: yogurt with granola.
dinner: white bean and turkey chili. (1) serious yum.
breakfast: oats.
lunch: leftover chili. (2)
snack: apple and almond butter.
dinner: parmesan baked tilapia. (3) favorite recipe and super easy! win, win. with steamed broccoli and brown rice.
breakfast: oats.
lunch: leftover chili. (4)
snack: smoothie.
dinner: spicy bean burritos. it is how we roll. get it? because it is burritos. i know. i will stop.
brunch: oats.
dinner: leftover burrito mixture. either as more burritos or over chips for a spicy bean nacho variation.
please share. what are you eating this cold week?