pizza pie!

this weekend we hosted a visit from scott, dylan’s cousin from the mountains. we had a blast! (and then some!) our faces literally hurt from laughing so hard. the weekend included good restaurants, batting cages, cart racing, coconut tree climbing, tight rope walking, laser tagging, lots of laughing, homemade pizzas, game night, porch sitting, waffle bar eating, and best thing of all, getting to know each other better.

(i love pizza night. i get to use my very old and favorite flea market find plates! first flea market find with the then new boyfriend. oh about 10 years ago. sigh. i love them. and i really love him.)

saturday night was pizza night. i made my homemade dough and with the help of my super cute husband, we cranked out three pizzas for our guests.

a pesto white pizza. mozzarella. basil. yum.

classic pepperoni. simply delicious.

and a chorizo sausage and cheddar. best part of pizza night? leftovers!