poor planning :-/

i was a bad fur baby mama yesterday. the pups had a light dinner and nothing for breakfast because i forgot to get their food. the food store is out where the husband works, 40 mins away, so it didn’t make sense for me to drive out there this morning when he can just stop on his way home.

oh these pups. so off to the computer to find a refresher list of the foods that are bad and good for dogs. we have our routines in this household and the pups knew something was up. typically they are let out and then food is waiting for them when they come inside. (martha is eating inside because it is beyond wet and gross outside. it is my futile attempt at keeping her at least a shade of white.)

well this morning, i let them in and nothing. no food for them. they immediately started circling me. i am never uncomfortable around my two, 100 (+) pound pups. but enough with the circling. i wasn’t a fan. mostly because of the amount of slobber being thrown in my direction. they quickly realized their food bowls were on the counter. thanks to martha and her ridiculous hugeness.

so this is what was prepared. no salt green beans. no salt mixed veggies (carrots, peas, and potatoes.) rice. no seasoning boiled chicken. and some pureed pumpkin. i was not able to ignore the thought that my pups were eating (for breakfast) better, more wholesome foods than the people i work with will eat all day.

sam, our golden, is a tremendously fast eater. he gets the obstacle bowl. it makes him work for the food which makes him slow down. martha, our great pyrenees, is the SLOWEST eater ever. every bite. she savors. she is so very funny.

eating in separate rooms. but she can hear sam going to town. my interpretation, “sam, why are you eating so fast. you are such a mess.”

oh my sweet pup. just a year old. sigh.

on a completely different note … today is mlb opening day! welcome spring! april 8th, the yankees and sox play. that is my opening day. needless to say, go sox!