the best part is …

the best part of going to the mountains to visit grandmas this past weekend … butternut squash. home grown simple goodness. doesn’t get better than that.

the best part of my morning was going to the orthodontist and getting my final tray. 3 more weeks. then my final appointment. boy oh boy i am excited.

then it got better by using a groupon coupon for a new pair of glasses. super cute. charcoal grey. they compliment my bangs. or my bangs compliment them. either way i love them.

now. the best part of my afternoon is wrapping up orders. i am a bit overwhelmed with the 10 orders (!!!) i need to get done this week. but it is a very exciting fun overwhelmed feeling. i love it!

the best part of my photo shoot outside with my newest pillow … my sweet milo supervising.