weekly menu

finally! i am starting the week off with the weekly menu, on the first day of the week. hopefully this is the jump start i need for the busy week ahead.

breakfast: yogurt. banana. granola. almond butter.
lunch: roasted sweet potato. seaweed. don’t hate. it is actually pretty good.
snack: green smoothie.
dinner: cilantro lime shrimp. served with quinoa and sauteed spinach. (1)

breakfast: whole grain cereal. green smoothie.
lunch: out to pf changs!
snack: walnuts. mixed berries. yogurt.
dinner: ratatouille. my own version which is very similar to this one. served with brown rice.

breakfast: steel cut oats. add ins: pumpkin!
lunch: green smoothie. leftover ratatouille with brown rice.
snack: grapefruit.
dinner: swiss chard with chickpeas and quinoa. i am substituting the couscous for quinoa.

breakfast: steel cut oats.
lunch: green smoothie. leftovers.
snack: banana with whole grain cereal.
dinner: steak with spinach and quinoa. using leftover ingredients from the previous dinner. (2)

breakfast: whole grain cereal.
snack: yogurt. banana. granola. tablespoon almond butter.
lunch: out.
dinner: out.

breakfast: oats with honey and almond butter. banana.
snack: yogurt with mixed berries.
lunch: out.
dinner: pilaf with chicken, spinach and walnuts. new recipe! we will see how it goes! (3)

breakfast: whole grain cereal. grapefruit.
lunch: leftover pilaf (if it is tasty!)
dinner: broccoli stir fry. add some spinach for fun. served with brown rice.

what will you be having?