weekly menu

last week was a whirlwind of a week with a couple sandwich nights and an unscheduled trip up to the mountains. luckily, i have the ingredients for many of the meals i didn’t make last week which equals no or very small grocery list this week. (duh, winning. i know. i am sorry. i had to.)

dinner: asian lettuce wraps. (1) served with brown rice.

breakfast: banana. yogurt.
lunch: oats.
snack: apple slices with honey.
dinner: southwestern omelet with red roasted potatoes.

breakfast: banana. yogurt.
lunch: oats.
snack: mushrooms and carrots with hummus.
dinner: santa fe chicken. served with brown rice. (2)

breakfast: apple.
lunch: smoothie. oats.
snack: walnuts.
dinner: leftover chicken from thursday night dinner. (3)

brunch: oats.
dinner: broccoli tofu stir fry. served with brown rice.

breakfast: smoothie.
lunch: leftover stir fry.
dinner: oat, whole grain pancakes.

breakfast: banana. yogurt.
lunch: oats.
snack: smoothie.
dinner: cilantro lime shrimp. served over quinoa. (4)

okay my dear readers … what will you be having?

The Hills
The Hills

I don't know, I'm too tired to meal plan. Can we just eat at your house this week? :)