a day on the farm!

friday was such an amazingly fun day! a friend that i worked with at 4H in a couple of counties over called and said they were going to the cane creek farm in snow camp. with our upcoming chickens and even more grand ideas of farm life, i jumped at the opportunity.

all i could talk about thursday evening with the husband was ‘everything farm.’ i think he saw the excitement in my eyes and by friday decided he too was excited. he took an unplanned vacation day and we both headed to the farm. what a beautiful surprise! an extra day with my husband is just the best.

so we met our group and went to work. first up, sorting and packaging eggs for market. they are so beautiful and i just am beyond thrilled for when we have our own eggs.

next stop, learning about the pigs and a bit about the goats. sigh. i was in love at this point. the muck boots. the air. the livestock smell. it was all so simply beautiful.

oh and my favorite part had nothing to do with the farm at all! the owner had a 4 month old pyrenees named zeus. oh he was just a handful and so completely pyrenees puppy. he was adorable and hilarious. watching him on the farm made me long for more land to have our martha stewart to roam.

after a quick trip in the kubota (i am pretty sure i need one!), we fed the pigs. i had no idea how useful pigs could be. as soon as we got into the car, the husband quietly mentioned “you will probably convince me of a pig before a goat.” ahhhh! score one for team wife.

sigh. goats.

after feeding the pigs, we looked for turkey eggs.

barn cat love.

then it was time to look at the chicken brooder coop. possibly the highlight of the entire day.

hmmm turkey eggs. oh watching this pup and his farm, just warmed my heart thinking about my martha stewart watching over her flock of chicks. the end of april can’t get here soon enough.

then back on the kubota (still need one) to see the, oh 250-300 chickens. what a sight!

this was one, of three, baskets filled just this morning from the hens. can you imagine?!

every breed. every variety of color. i could have stayed out there all day just watching.

the owner, eliza, with roxy.

thank you so much cane creek farm for such a wonderful day! thank you my 4H friends that can’t seem to get rid of me! thank you to my super cute husband that took the day off work to spend on the farm.

back home we are enjoying our farm fresh eggs and dreaming of incorporating a more sustainable life for our little homestead.