a new lense

well, an old camera lense but it is new to me. i am slowly learning how to use the husband’s “real” camera and i am loving it! this lense really captured the bees during our most recent visit this weekend.

the goal. check on the frames to see if we can locate brood. brood being baby bees waiting to be “born.” if we find them, it means the queen is doing her thing. we also needed to feed them. we feed them sugar water made by yours truly.

success. my cutie beekeeper husband spotted brood. oh we danced a jig.

the warre hive did NOT want to be disturbed. the other traditional hives were calm. weird. maybe because it was saved til last. i don’t know. either way i loved seeing the lense pick up on the excitement of beekeeping. can you spot the bees flying around?