saturday, north carolina saw widespread devastation as tornadoes barreled across the state. we heeded warnings and huddled the husband, myself, the pups and cat in the safest place in the house. the wind blew and rain fell hard, and when it was over we were able to go outside and go on about our day. not so for many, many others. areas to the east and south of us saw heartbreaking damage from the storms. life was lost and homes destroyed.

for the safety of my family, dear friends in some of the hardest hit areas and the roof over my head, i am immensely grateful this morning.

before the storms hit we had already had quite the adrenaline pumping morning. we woke up early and went to pick up our 9lbs of bees. question: what does 9lbs. of bees sound like in a jetta wagon? loud. loud buzzing. it was a bit unsettling for this beekeepers wife.

here is the new setup. 3 hives this year. (last year we only had the 1 and it didn’t survive the harsh winter.) two traditional hives and one “warre” hive. in the traditional hives the bee installation is not that big of a deal. again, beekeeper wife and photographer opinion. the beekeeper (seriously, he is so cute in his bee getup) opens up the package and leaves it be for 24 hours. the bees figure out where to go.

the warre hive is another story. the beekeeper opens the package the same as before but then has to “shake” the bees into the hive. hmmph. i think i am on team bee. who wants to be violently shaken into their new home? no this girl. no sir. man they were loud. not happy.

evidence my beekeeper of a husband has no sense. minutes after violently shaking the bees into their new home, he is calmly placing the bars into place.

day two. time to go check on the bees and remove the packages they came in. it is also time to check on the queen to see if the worker bees have freed her from her separate package.

between the pups and milo, we have excellent supervisors.

checking on the queen. she is not quite yet freed so in a couple of days we will check again.

it was a humbling and successful weekend. ups and downs. moments of fear, adrenaline and gratitude. we so appreciate all the friends and family that called to check up on us. we felt loved and so appreciated it.