early surprise!

our baby chicks came in today! we were surprised (estimated delivery date to be on friday) so it was a bit of a rush getting everything together. but currently our three ladies are snug in their new “temporary” home.

these three were to be the husband’s. my three come next week. but wouldn’t you know, my husband couldn’t possibly call them “crispy” or “fried” or “biscuit” or “bojangles.” lesson to all. he is all talk and softy inside. it must be known, i absolutely love that about him. and we had a huge laugh about it! he was looking at the rhode island red and i said, “look that one would be a perfect crispy” and he just got this sad look on his face.

so we went with inspiration from one of my all time favorite television shows … the golden girls. today we welcomed blanche, rose, and dorothy to the family!

here is our yellow ameraucana, rose and our rhode island red, blanche.

rose already has a nickname. “chunk.” she was eating the cardboard on the way home and then proceeded to block out the other ladies at the food dish.

the beautiful striped one is another ameraucana, dorothy. i love that it looks like she is wearing eyeliner.

introducing the pups and keeping the cat out will be fun for the next several weeks is going to be an adventure! this week has been tremendously tough for me with my child advocacy position so this early surprise was just perfect.

lesson of the day: who needs a television when you have baby chicks to keep you entertained?

The Hills
The Hills

Holy cuteness. And, I still think you should name one of the next set Bojangles. Only, pronounce it the way I do - bo-hahn-glase. You know, in Spanish. :)