fruit is better on the bottom …

of yogurt that is. i love mixing the fruit bottom yogurt cups. unfortunately, the fruit bottom yogurt cups i have tried are always so very sweet. full of pectin and ingredients that are not yogurt or fruit. oh vey! is anyone else completely exhausted by the over processing of foods? all the dyes and preservatives. it is too much.

i was looking in my refrigerator this morning and decided to make my own. with the help of a half-pint jar making your own yogurt cups is easy! you can do this in tupperware or other sealed storage containers, of course, but i really like the airtight seal and the shape of a half-pint jar. and if you are a long time reader you know i love a good glass jar.

to make this particular yogurt cup i layered about 1/2 cup of whole-milk yogurt with a spoonful of my homemade berry jam, a handful of blueberries and sliced strawberries, a drizzle of honey, and a few walnuts. it made for delicious eating — i dug the spoon down to the bottom and it came up with a bite of everything. major yum! sweet jam, tangy blueberries, and tart yogurt.

i became a bit obsessed and tried another one for lunch. i opted out of the jam, just threw in some of my home canned sliced peaches from last summer, and dump some yogurt and honey on top. so good. and i know what is in exactly every bite.

some other add ins i am thinking about:

peanut butter and honey.

strawberries and oats.

homemade lemon curd. oh boy. i think i will be buying some lemons soon!