garden, local goodness

the husband and i are slowly gearing up for our “local eating” experiment. the goal is simple, eat only local goods. eat what we grow, eat what we find at local farmers markets, eat what i get at local farms. you know, from the farmer. that is it. well, we have some wiggle room. for example, my gluten free flours are not local. spices are not local but i use them daily. this is going to be a fun and tremendously healthy experiment in living and eating.

last night we dipped our toes with an asian stir fry.

local goodness:
- huge butter crunch lettuce leaves from our garden. man, they were so good.
- sugar snap peas also from our garden. so much flavor from homegrown gardens! i kept sneaking more snap peas on my plate when the husband wasn’t looking.
- local, grass fed, organic (i.e. humanly treated) beef. i can take you to the farm. i love the farm and the know the farmer.
- green onions.

not local, still goodness:
- water chestnuts. if i could i would do without, but man they are so good in a stir fry.
- onion. soon we will have onions from our garden!
- all the sauces and spices.

this is a dish i could eat everyday. modify by replacing the beef with more veggies. chicken instead of beef. maybe even shrimp. the possibilities are endless and i see a lot more meals wrapped in lettuce leaves in our future. and by future, i mean tomorrow.

see what i mean?! lots more butter crunch to eat.

a little broccoli this morning wanted to say hello. i imagine he was exhausted of the lettuce getting all the attention. (yes, i treat the garden like its a playground.)

a couple people have asked about garden tips. i am completely unqualified to answer because the husband is the master gardener in these parts. i am the master cook. it works for us. a nice balance of his space where he makes all decisions and my space with the same principles.

here is what i know:
- timing. each year we start a little earlier than the year before. depending on where you live this is going to be different. we have little portable greenhouses and dreams of building a real greenhouse.
- bees. i can tell a real difference in our garden before bees and after. bees are great pollinators and it is remarkable the amount of work they accomplish. i strongly recommend looking into honey bees. they really aren’t as scary and intimidating as they look. plus, they aren’t that much actual “work.” counties have local classes and that is how we got started. current sting count: husband 1, me 1.
- garden journal. every season we learn more and more. we are always making “mental notes” of “oh we should remember not to do this” or “lets do more of this.” write it down.

what are you growing this year?